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The Story of Ned's

Growing up in Detroit and Chicago, we were lucky to have lots of Family Food establishments that have become Midwestern Icons. Lafayette Coney Island and Chicago's Superdawg are a couple of the places that have influenced Ned's.  We work hard to provide you with a real food experience, the kind that you would get in the 40's and 50's from a family owned food establishment. We hand-cut all our fries, we hand-form all our patties and we do it with the hope that you'll taste the difference.

TravelBurgers™ are unique. They sit in a 7" long freshly baked bun and the condiments are carefully placed all along the length so we can provide you with "the Best Bite in Every Bite."  
Its no accident that we serve RealFood from a 1946 Spartan Manor Trailer. This classic was built by the  J Paul Getty Company in Tulsa OK when they converted their aircraft manufacturing plant after WWII.  The all-aluminum monocoque construction of the original makes them last forever and provides a great platform to create a mobile Commercial Kitchen.  Our Spartan Manor is a fully licensed STFU and is called the "NedMobile."

We look forward to seeing you and serving you a fresh made-to-order TravelBurger™.